Now you can add your Hop card to Apple Wallet, making it faster and easier to ride trains and buses around Portland. Just tap and ride.

Get the Hop Fastpass App

Easy to set up.
Easy to use.

  1. Download the Hop Fastpass App
  2. Add your Hop card to Wallet
  3. Hold top of iPhone near the Hop reader

Quickly pay for transit and check your balance on the go without having to carry a card. You don't need to open an app or even wake your device to pay your fare. Now your iPhone is your ticket.

Pay with your credit
or debit card.

You can also use your credit or debit card in Apple Wallet and pay with Apple Pay. Just tap your iPhone or Apple Watch on the Hop reader and ride.

Questions answered.

For questions about the Hop card or the Hop Fastpass app, visit the Hop card website. For questions about Apple Pay, visit the Apple Support website.